FeedReader allows you to read your RSS and XML syndicated news
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FeedReader is software that allows you to read your RSS and XML syndicated news. Some websites have a RSS or XML address that show the last notices or news, FeedReader is like this application.
In this way from unique software and without opening different websites you can look the last news and access to what you need. It’s fast, easy and a friendly tool. To read this type of syndicate notices you will get a list of your preferred sites and content of the same just with one click. If you access one of them, on the other frame you will be able to navigate through the website from where the notice is loaded.
Its function is very simple but more than useful; you can add the selected RSS from blogs and other websites to keep yourself informed. It does not affect the performance of the system, it allows you to minimize the software into the taskbar, and when the reader receives any update from the site a pop-up will be displayed informing you about the update (windows live messenger pop-up style).

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